Hot Mess Mama’s verbal and written blogs are not just entertaining, but filled with nuggets of wisdom. She is filled with the joy of sharing her heart and mind, and it’s always worth a few minutes to check her out. Hot Mess Mama is fun, deep, and spiritual. She’s searching and growing, as all of us should do if we want to be who we are meant to be as individuals and participants in these lives God has given us. The most relieved I have ever been has been realizing that not only do I not know it all, can’t know it all, and won’t know it all on this earth, but I don’t have to- because I’m not God. None of us is. But, we can grow, keep learning, keep trying, keep moving forward. We can. Hot Mess Mama is, and I applaud her for being genuine, sharing that realness, and asking God for more!

Amy Dockery