Ryder decided he wanted blue hair. Some parents think that 6 years old is too young for hair color and I totally understand that train of thought. His dad and I decided that temporary color was ok and that we would prefer that he have funky-colored hair now versus when he is out looking for … Continue reading Blue


Yesterday evening I came home with a puppy. My husband was not excited by this. The kids love her and I am head over heels. My husband, Robert, does not like small dogs. Our puppy's name is Dolly and she is an eight week old chorkie. Dolly is either completely clueless that Robert is not … Continue reading Dolly

The Flu

Both of the boys have tested positive for the flu. Cue the hand sanitizer and lysol! I received the news this morning and my fears were actualized. I have fought with distressing medicine administration, forced fluids, and desperate attempts at meals. I have cleaned up vomit, wiped noses, taken temperatures, and covered up little feet. … Continue reading The Flu

Mama Tired

I'm so tired today, Mama. I have been preparing for a uniquely themed birthday party for Jaxon, working on some social media projects, working for my husband, and cleaning the house. I have gotten through most of my responsibilities before the children get home. Recently I have had sleep issues. My husband has taken up … Continue reading Mama Tired