Today's sermon was about calling. It was preached from 1 Samuel. The pastor touched on how sometimes you can have many callings in your life and sometimes those callings conflict with one another. The most powerful part of the service was when the pastor said, "God does not want anything more than all of you." … Continue reading Wardrobe


I have a dog sleeping at my feet. My husband is on a search for one of the boy's phones. I can hear the deep breathing of two sleeping children who are on sleep mats in my bedroom. Outside a storm rages. Rain is beating the windows and causing quite a symphony on the metal … Continue reading Storms

Washing Feet

I woke up this morning to a thunder storm. Well, I actually woke up to a puppy clawing at my face in fear. I spoke to her softly and introduced a chew toy. I rubbed her ears and snuggled her close. I have had maybe five hours of sleep. I'm tired. The day will present … Continue reading Washing Feet

How Do You Know?

Good morning, Mamas! As our country faces a scary time, I am sure that you have seen posts like this: I think everyone needs to get out their Bibles and start reading…Don’t sit and wait for the media to give you false answers to the questions you have, when the right answers are literally written … Continue reading How Do You Know?

One Flesh

Sunday held a somewhat awkward sermon about sex in marriage from our pastor. Sex has never been anything close to awkward with my husband, but sitting there in a room full of other couples in church listening to that sermon was a little uncomfortable. Honestly, uncomfortable sermons are sometimes where I find my biggest lessons, … Continue reading One Flesh


Yesterday evening I came home with a puppy. My husband was not excited by this. The kids love her and I am head over heels. My husband, Robert, does not like small dogs. Our puppy's name is Dolly and she is an eight week old chorkie. Dolly is either completely clueless that Robert is not … Continue reading Dolly