The ER

Last night Ryder shut his hand in the car door. Do not ask me how he managed to do that. I just know that his little shriek will haunt my heart for years to come. Cue the Mom Guilt. I should've operated the car door. Let's face it. We cannot protect them from everything. Sometimes … Continue reading The ER


I feel like I have arrived, y'all. All of my favorite authors and bloggers talk about internet trolls tearing their work apart. Sometimes I even get to see it on social media. I got my first troll this morning!! Eeekkk!!!! It may seem weird that this makes me happy, but I always get excited when … Continue reading Trolls

Time Travel

I invite you to join me to a sweet, summer day circa 2008 in the mountains of North Carolina. I was in my early 20's and was a walking, talking trainwreck. I should have come with a floating disclaimer above my head or maybe a warning label sewn into my clothing. I was pretty much … Continue reading Time Travel