I am an advocate for self-improvement and self-care. This is no secret. I recently got my tail back to the gym and I felt better. I got one of those Fitbit things, I have walked more miles than I ever have in my life, and I am tracking my macros like they're a tropical storm. … Continue reading Fitbit


I spent the last weekend at the beach with my best friend. It was the perfect girl's trip and I laughed and relaxed. There was no one to care for or chaos to manage. I did not have to play referee or personal assistant. I cleaned up only my own messes. My husband spent the … Continue reading Self-Care


Last November my husband and I decided to have a pop-up sale for our furniture business. We were pumped. I was marketing every day for 2 months on social media and telling strangers all about our event. We had over 300 people respond to our event page on Facebook. My soul was on fire. This … Continue reading Downpour

Look What I Did!

My boys are so precious. I love them fiercely and applaud their uniqueness. They are each so different and perfectly compliment and balance one another in such an inspiring brotherhood. One of the traits these boys share is their love of applause. Boy, do we love giving them a standing ovation. Yesterday we took the … Continue reading Look What I Did!

The ER

Last night Ryder shut his hand in the car door. Do not ask me how he managed to do that. I just know that his little shriek will haunt my heart for years to come. Cue the Mom Guilt. I should've operated the car door. Let's face it. We cannot protect them from everything. Sometimes … Continue reading The ER