Today’s sermon was about calling. It was preached from 1 Samuel. The pastor touched on how sometimes you can have many callings in your life and sometimes those callings conflict with one another. The most powerful part of the service was when the pastor said, “God does not want anything more than all of you.”

That hit me right in the heart. In my life I feel I have many callings. My callings are all service-related. I have the heart of a servant and caretaker. I have my faith, my husband, the kids, this blog, mothers that I pray with and try to uplift, and I have an online shop where I work closely with my customers.

Those callings often conflict one another. I cannot approach each calling in the same way, which means they require different hats. Honestly, my callings require new ensembles altogether. The way I speak to my husband is not how I speak to the children. My customers do not get spoken to like my children do. Some days I invite the kids to help me with orders, so that I can get quality time with them while I work.

So, how when your pot is empty and you’re stretched so thin, do you give God all of you? Well, Samuel said, “Here I am.”

He laid in his place and waited. It is easy to project or to chase. We think to have a successful business, we have to live in a place we haven’t yet arrived instead of being grateful and present in the place that we are in. We are moving and rushing, when we need only to be still.

We believe that when we are not married yet, we must seek it consistently. We miss out on the season of only having to work on ourselves or grow in our relationship with God. We are not fully laying in our places.

Today I’m busy. Like, crazy busy. The things I have prayed for are happening. I’m blown away and praising God for His favor and blessing. I’m also distracted. I’ve got pieces of my ensembles on. I’m wearing the left shoe of my wife calling ensemble, the right shoe of my business owner calling ensemble, the hat of my writing calling ensemble, the belt of my mom calling ensemble, the necklace of my mom supporter calling ensemble, and maybe a toe ring of my God calling ensemble.

He gets what is left some days. This is just me being real. There are more days than I would like to admit where God does not get all of me. Based on my last paragraph, very few of my callings get all of me. Things get done, requirements are met, needs are met, deadlines and expectations are fulfilled, and I am there. But am I present? Am I fully accessible?

Balance is tough. Giving your all is even tougher. Samuel gave God full presence and access. That is serious goals!

Mama, I know you have a wardrobe full of callings. I know you’re stretched thin and that you may wonder what you have to give. I invite you to join me in saying, “Here I am, Lord” this week. I welcome you to come with me on this journey of presence and accessibility. Amen.

1 Samuel 3:4

Then the LORD called Samuel. Samuel answered, “Here I am.”

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe

  1. AMY DOCKERY says:

    You are available to all your callings, all that you can be. You are open to the Lord taking over your life and heart. Maybe he has, and is. Maybe he is flowing through you to the kids, husband, clients, mom, and he loves it and is pleased. Your spirit, His Spirit, will nudge you if you get too Martha-like and need to be Mary- to sit still at his feet, and Samuel did in his way. If you feel guilty about God all the time, I would say that isn’t the Lord. He doesn’t nag and guilt us. He calls us, waits for us, and sometimes we have to trip up and bust a lip before we hear him. I can see that he is flowing through you, but maybe you do need to take an hour and Be Still and Know that He Is God. I do think that you are continually aware of that, though. I haven’t met you, but am so proud of you!

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