Washing Feet

I woke up this morning to a thunder storm. Well, I actually woke up to a puppy clawing at my face in fear. I spoke to her softly and introduced a chew toy. I rubbed her ears and snuggled her close. I have had maybe five hours of sleep.

I’m tired. The day will present its own demands and I will have to make it work with minimal sleep. Still, I met the pup’s fear with compassion and kindness. This is small, but for her, this debt cannot be repaid.

She will likely get into something she shouldn’t or have an accident or cause us to trip today. My act will be forgotten. It will not change her longterm behavior. Her nature will still be that of a curious little puppy. For a moment though, it changed her heart.

She was calmed. She was grateful and clingy. She felt loved and understood. She knew her feelings were taken seriously. She knew her way-too-early-wake-up-call was excused and her canine infancy was tended to.

Today is the Thursday before Easter. This is a day I marvel at. Yes, what is to come is incredible. The debt is huge and the love is even bigger. Tomorrow’s act of love is enough to bring us to tears. Sunday’s victory is enough to send our loudest praises.

But today I remember the last supper. The son of God dressed himself as a servant and washed the feet of mortal sinners like you and me. He showed kindness and service to men who would fall short. He washed the feet of someone he already knew would betray him.

When I really consider in my heart the amount of love and devotion this moment holds, I am moved. When I see the amount of forgiveness that was given even before a transgression was fully executed, I am convicted. When I look into the scene of Jesus on the floor washing feet, I realize how much love there is. That too, was a debt that could not be repaid.

This is a scary time for people around the world. This is a historical chapter of fear and chaos. People may not be washing each other’s feet, but we are religiously washing hands and cloth face masks. We are in contact with essential workers and restless children.

We are subjected to the fear of others and, maybe, the voice of anxiety tearing through our minds. We are grieving and pacing. We are unsure of the right thing to do.

Today, Mama, let’s wash some feet. Let’s find an act of kindness that cannot be repaid. Let’s love the people in our homes a little extra. Let’s show grace where it is not deserved. Let the last supper fill your heart with both wisdom and wonder. Let the image of Jesus serving sinners tune out the volume of fear and frustration.

Our acts do not have to be big. A little kindness goes a long way. A little grace can move mountains of sin. A little encouragement can knock down the bars of doubt and fear. Let’s roll up our sleeves and reach into our basins. Let’s wash the feet of those who can do nothing for us and even those who have wronged us. Let’s show this world a little more Jesus. ❤

John 13:14-15

I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet. So you also should wash one another’s feet. I have given you an example. You should do as I have done for you. 

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