The Window

I spoke with my sweet Nana over the phone a couple of days ago. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina. Like most assisted living and senior communities in our state, Nana is living under a lockdown. This is a wise move considering the need for the elderly to be protected under quarantine, but she was feeling pretty isolated and craving some independence and interaction.

We caught up about her hair and her health. We discussed how she was getting access to her weekly bible study and she told me about her visit with my dad. I knew that my dad had gone to the mountains to see her. I had assumed maybe he had gone through intense testing, disinfecting efforts, and bloodwork or something to be cleared and able to sit and visit with her in her facility.

Nana informed me that my dad had stood outside her window in the back of the property and visited with her through the screen of her window. He checked on her house, which sits vacant a few miles away. My nana loves a good visit. She would even be content rocking in silence in the chair on her front porch while having filled chairs rocking beside her.

She never bats an eye at spirited children tearing through her home or yard. She loves the noise of family. She enjoys the fellowship of company. I know this lockdown is probably hard for her and I know how much my dad’s visit meant to her. He had not shared with me that he had stood outside her window to see her. I thought that was very sweet and a true act of love.

The realization of the specifics of their visit caused me to consider a couple of things. It gave me gratitude that as of right now I am able to leave the house a little to get supplies. I am grateful that I have my family at home with me. I am not isolated or lonely.

Their visit also gave me hope. I know that I am met exactly where I am when it comes to the love of God. Whether I am in church or praying through a screen window, God is listening and loving me. No matter where these days take us, He will be there for a visit.

Mama, I know these are stressful times. I challenge you to put things in perspective. Remember what you have. There will be have nots in the coming days. Treasure what is there in your possession.

While you’re frustrated with children at home, remember the service providers who are working and terrified of bringing this virus home to their families. While you’re working during this time, remember that God has called you to serve His people and He is never far from you no matter what.

We all have our roles and our circumstances. We all have our fears and our frustrations. We all have our haves and our have nots. We also have a God who is big, good, capable, kind, generous, and, most importantly, THERE. Check your window, Mama. His love is not far.

Joshua 1:9

Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

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