Ghost Hunters

My secret, guilty pleasure is ghost hunting shows. I know, I know, it is completely ridiculous. They are scary and interesting and I don’t know what it is that gets me sucked in, but it happens. I never cop to this. This is my first public confession for my love of ghost hunting shows.

There are several I will watch. I can feel my husband rolling his eyes right now. Don’t judge me. 😂 Some have the Kardashians and Real Housewives, I happen to like Ghost Hunters and The Dead Files. Of course, this is when I am taking a break from ID Discovery. I know I have shared about This is Us and The Walking Dead, but these are my in-between new episodes shows.

This is going to sound awful, but I was watching a few episodes after church today of Jack Osbourne’s new ghost hunting show when I was hit with conviction. What if I hunted the Holy Ghost to this extent? Gulp. Here I was watching a show called “Portals to Hell” for crying out loud when God laid a divine smackdown on my heart.

I imagined walking into an every day place like a grocery store and breaking out a recorder to catch a Godly electronic voice phenomenon. I could see myself praying with an EMF meter.

“Are you here, God? Touch this device and it will light up for me to know you’re here,” I would whisper. Would I listen for footsteps or ask for signs?

I may lose my awareness of God’s presence in the every day occurrences of motherhood and mundane routines. I may not seek God in every single moment and at every single stop, but what I can tell you, Mama, is that He is always there whether I am looking or not. God does not need me to hunt Him to show me He is present.

God is there in the busy kitchen at dinner time. He is with me in the carpool line and while I am running errands. God is in the moments of homework frustration and my negotiations with little ones who do not want to eat vegetables. He is always, always there. He even gives me evidence.

When I am feeling very human and incapable, I remember that I was never meant to be self-sufficient. I was always meant to rely on God. When I am having a moment of joy, I know that God has blessed my family. When my heart is full of worry, I feel Him reminding me that I have nothing to fear because His will is perfect.

When I am feeling a loss, I thank God for his provision and care for my life and my eternity. I remember that all of this is temporary. It is easy to forget. To forget something, you had to at one time known it. I know who I am to God and who God is to me, but, man, do I forget sometimes.

I can get so sucked into life on life’s terms and the pressures of my responsibilities and forget that God already has this all worked out. I can be so burdened by hardships or the stresses of raising a family that I forget God’s care and provisions. I can focus on what I do not have and forget that I have all I’ll ever need in God.

Mama, we may forget a birthday party invitation or our parent’s anniversary. We may forget to remove our charcoal face mask before dropping kids off at school. Maybe we forget a ballet class or music lesson. Forgetfulness is going to happen and, Mama, we have all been there.

What we must try not to forget is God’s goodness. We must try not lose our awareness of His presence, but when we do, we won’t have to hunt too hard to find it. Praise the Lord!

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

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  1. andrewdavid1668 says:

    I love it when you hear a bang off camera behind the presenters and they start screaming like its the end of the world lol my secret pleasure is the film sleepless in Seattle, ssshhh dont tell everyone about that lol.

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