Snow Day

We don’t get a lot of snow in the flatlands of North Carolina. When we see little, snowflakes on our weather apps, we dance. We get excited. We also get a little neurotic. We buy milk and bread and turn our kitchen pantries into lockers of doomsday preparations. We love us some snow, y’all.

Since we do not get much snow, it hasn’t lost its “magic”. We attempt snowmen with about an inch and a half of accumulation. Grandmas even make snow angels and kids everywhere are being told to quit coming in and out of the house. It is special.

I sipped hot cocoa and watched Jaxon and Sadie play outside. While I was in the kitchen, they threw snow balls at the window. They were having an absolute blast. It was like Christmas was back or we were heading to Disney.

When I lived in the High Country, snow came more frequently. You saw more people shaking their heads and kicking their bumpers than you did people running outside to make snow angels. The snow had lost its “magic”.

Sometimes though, I would be commuting to work in the snow and see children sledding in their yards. I would see snowball fights and little ones trying to catch flakes on their tongues. Sometimes the snow was still special.

If I am honest, my faith can be a lot like that. Sometimes I find myself trembling or in tears during communion. Sometimes I can hear a hymn that I have heard a million times and it can give me chills and the lightest heart my chest has ever felt.

Sometimes, though, I don’t feel moved. Sometimes the chills and tears do not come. Sometimes my bible loses its “magic”. Sometimes a hymn just feels like a song.

The thing is, I keep at it. I am in a constant downpour with great accumulation. Sometimes I just allow myself to be immersed in it and sometimes I remember to throw the first snow ball. Sometimes I scrape the windshield and continue about my routine and sometimes I smile as I make the world’s most pitiful snow man.

My actions can truly lead my heart. I often let my heart lead my actions. When I don’t feel like doing something and I do it anyway, my heart can change. When I challenge myself or dig deeper to find relevance and meaning, I usually do.

Mama, we all have the snow days we participate in and the snow days we allow to dump on us. So long as we continue to allow the snow to fall into our lives, I believe that there is treasure to be found. God is so present and such an incredible provider. He is loving and real. He is as real as our snow was.

I pray that we find time to appreciate the downpour. I pray that we are open to the hymns that move us and the love that saved us. I pray that our hearts never forget that “magic”.

Acts 17:27

God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.

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