Cotton Candy Sky

This morning as I made my coffee, I looked out the window. My gaze was met by a cotton-candy-colored sky. I could see the silhouette of the bare trees as the sun began to rise. It was absolutely beautiful. Dolly was chewing at my toes as puppies often do and Jaxon was snoring away.

It was a good moment. The sun was simply doing what it does every single day. The sun was not out to do anything extraordinary. It was not aiming to make my morning coffee more present and my heart more grateful. It was just doing its job. I was blessed by its duty and routine.

Isn’t that motherhood? We get up early every morning. We lay out clothes and make breakfast. We pack lunches and sign permission slips. We get them buckled up or send them to the bus stop. We just do our jobs.

Some mornings you’re met with gratitude and awe. You hear how pretty you are or how much they love you. You hear a joke or a sweet “amen”. You make the best breakfast or remembered their favorite snack. You’re the best mom ever.

You never know when those cotton candy moments are coming, mama. You just know that you savor them when they do. You keep rising and doing your job. You don’t even think about the work you’re doing half the time. This is who you are now. This is your routine.

Then you notice the beautiful silhouettes of little arms paired with the beauty of the relentless endeavors of motherhood. You are reminded why you get up this early in the first place. You are chosen and you are loved. You are needed and you are honored. You’re their cotton candy sky.

Good morning, Mama!

John 1:3

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

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