Mama Tired

I’m so tired today, Mama. I have been preparing for a uniquely themed birthday party for Jaxon, working on some social media projects, working for my husband, and cleaning the house. I have gotten through most of my responsibilities before the children get home.

Recently I have had sleep issues. My husband has taken up snoring, Jaxon has started to wake up earlier, Ryder has wanted to stay up later, and last night we had a nasty storm. I’m a light sleeper, so all of these things disturb my attempt at eight hours.

Being a mama is hard work, but being a tired mama is even harder. I know you can relate. We make the impossible happen. We create what cannot be bought in stores. We get up to feed children and make sure they brush their teeth. We negotiate bedtimes and facilitate the last little sip of water.

We go to bed to duties and wake up to them. Mamas manage medications and schedules. We know who our children’s friends are and listen to the drama. We help with homework while stirring the pot on the stove.

Moms can literally shower and open a cheese stick at the same time. Yep, you know you just chuckled. We have all done it. We budget and we wash the laundry. We sigh over the pile of little socks and yawn as we answer the famous question, “What is for dinner?”

We are forces of nature. We have a finger in everything that is our households. We are also tired and hungry. We are stressed or anxious. We are stretched thin and beyond busy. We have headaches or high blood pressure. We are fighting the temptation of fruit snacks and Little Debbie cakes while trying to stick to our diets.

There is a lot of service, but there is also self underneath. We fight through the backache and fatigue to make it to the recital or the game. We create Saturday fun and feel like an uber driver that always gets a call from the park. We sign permission slips while signing the check for the light bill. We push through.

When I am aware of how much I am doing in a day, I feel accomplished. When I see what my tired body is capable of, even I am impressed. My shift is never over. I always make a way even when things seem unlikely.

If I think about my own human capacity, I am in awe of my God. When I feel how much selfless love is poured out over my family, I am moved by the love of God. When I feel selfish or too busy, I am grateful for my perfect God.

Mama, you are truly, sincerely, without a doubt INCREDIBLE, but you are also flawed and human. You are so loved and have a house full of fans, but you are also tough on yourself and wonder if you’re even good at this. Think of God. Think of how big and capable He is.

He is never too busy or too tired. He always makes a way. He is there through every moment. He is enabling you to get to the other side. In Him you will find rest. In Him you will find peace. In Him you will feel quenched and satisfied.

I am grateful to be tired. It means I have accomplished goals. It means I lost sleep to have time with God and the children. It means I was present and able to walk the boys to class. It means I have created something that did not exist before today. It means I lived the life God gave me.

Today I am tired, but I also have every need met. I have moments with children that validate that God has deemed me capable. I have conversations with my husband that reveal to me how much better I am getting at being the wife He wants me to be. I know where I can find rest. I know where I can find peace. I know it all starts with God.

Mark 6:31

Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.

4 thoughts on “Mama Tired

  1. The In-between Moms says:

    Being a mom is very demanding! Honestly I’m tired just thinking about it! But it is also so very rewarding. It amazes me too, just how much I can squeeze into a day. And yet, we moms make it look so easy!

  2. Ajid | Prajjidna Daliman says:

    This is why I love my wife so much. Being a Mom is not an easy work. I absolutely believe this.
    Sometimes us, as a husband, don’t know what things our wife had gone through. Pregnancy, Giving birth, menstruation, etc. We don’t know how they feel. Cheers to all Mom.

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