The Closet

So, we all know that mess and clutter are big triggers for anxiety for me. I have come a long way with this after meeting my husband, but I still get anxious when things are in disarray. Right before Christmas, after hanging some clothes, my entire closet fell.

Things were everywhere. Some Christmas gifts were inaccessible. It was chaos. My husband assured me that we would fix it after the holidays. For 8 days, I sat with that mess. My nerves were shot.

Just getting real.

When we began to remove everything from the closet, I really got anxious. We had stuff piled all through the house. Kids were running wild through the piles and getting into things. I couldn’t stand it.

My husband and I worked together to make shelves, hang rods, mud, and paint. Even the boys helped. I was a wreck about the mess, but we eventually got it done. I had a tantrum. I avoided the most cluttered rooms as much as possible. I even learned to use the saw.

I did whatever it took to make it to the end and to the peace of cleanliness and organization. The closet is now done and it is absolutely beautiful. I am thrilled with the outcome and I love it even more because I helped create it.

I think about the messes we all are. We fall apart. We break. We can’t stand the heavy and complain about the pressure. We hide and tiptoe around our own debris. We can be ineffective in our roles because we carry loads alone.

God deals with messes so much better than this mama. He doesn’t even bat an eye. He loves us. He cleans us up. He puts us back together and molds us to be stronger. He gives us a better design. God loves us even more because He created us.

Don’t be anxious about your messes, mama. Don’t be discouraged by your most broken places. God is there. He always is. He has a better design for you. Sometimes we have to break a little to be made stronger. Sometimes you have to gut everything in order to improve the design. God uses messes to do great things. Just wait for your breakthrough. It is going to be big.

Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

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