Beauty Products for the Busy Hot Mess Mama

This will be a change in content. I get asked often about products I use and while I never want to tell another mama she needs to change anything about her appearance, I also want to share what I’m using to save time in the mornings and to attempt to keep my hotmessness on the inside.

If this is not your cup of tea, mama, I think you’re beautiful, amazing, and more than capable. You have my full support to tune into my next post and bypass this one. This is simply my save-time-and-effort regimen. I’m busy and I have my priorities in other areas that demand my time.



I met Taylor several years ago and we have remained friends and in touch on social media. Taylor is also a busy mama and I started to notice some big hair changes in her pictures! I wanted to know more. Taylor introduced me to a line called Monat. It is sulfate-free goodness. It smells great and will bring your locks back to life!

Taylor can find your hair needs with a few short questions and can prescribe the best options for your strands! I have left her contact info and website for anyone interested. Monat is INCREDIBLE!

I scoffed at the price at first, but when I found out the Shampoo and conditioner would last me 6 months, it actually saved me a lot! I only have to wash my hair twice a week now and the time I spent round brushing for volume is now no longer needed.

My hair is exposed to bleach and heat. It is thirsty!! Monat rescued my hair. I use their revive line for volume, blow out cream for heat protection and moisture, dry shampoo for effortless maintenance between washes, and the replenish mask once a week for those battered ends of mine!

This may seem redundant, but using the dry shampoo on wash day after I blow dry has made my style last during ball games, sleep, and standing over the stove at dinnertime. This stuff has made my hair healthier and my stylist more pleased with my wash schedule. I’m a believer!!

Check Out Taylor’s Monat Shop

Bed Head Wave Artist

I am also in love with the Bedhead Wave Artist. It is a great tool!! I can use it and not touch my hair at all for the next three days. I have some days when I may need to touch up two or three top pieces, but even that is rare! If you look into nothing else, mama, this is my golden ticket. I get pretty mermaid hair in ten minutes that lasts for days! This has been my most used styling tool. Watch a Youtube video before you use it.  There is a flipping technique that makes the difference between mermaid hair and old Hollywood hair. Either look is very pretty!


Parwin Pro

I kept seeing these ads for Lange’s styling tool that had different attachments for different curls. I loved the results, but felt guilty about spending $100 on it. I found a dupe on Amazon that is incredible. I spent $60 on a tool I can use for any occassion! The curls hold so well and I get days of minimal effort and great hair!

Face Tan Water

Face Tan Water is my jam. At night I slap some on, no real effort and I wake up with a glow. When I have no-make-up days, I still have an even, golden complexion. It minimizes my time in front of the mirror and I love the way my skin looks!



I had lash extensions several years ago and loved how pretty my eyes looked. They’re expensive and damage your natural lashes. I gave them up. I suck at applying false lashes, so those were not an option. Luckily I found Forlash!!! I apply a little at bedtime and my lashes are so long!!! It is an affordable product with killer results. You can order online at One tube lasts about 2-3 months and is under $30!

Thrive Mascara

I pair my Forlash with Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions. It is a mascara that takes my already long lashes to mile-long! Again, a totally affordable product that works! This mascara has lasted me 5 months so far!

Before and after…look at my lashes after using Thrive and Forlash!

You’re Beautiful…

I hope this adds simplicity to your beauty routine and saves you some moolah! Mamas are needed in so many other places, primping just isn’t always an option. Now you can minimize the need to primp and feel good without the inconvenience of spending hours in front of your mirror! Let me know what you think of these products! I love them…and…I LOVE YOU! ❤

Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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