Would I Stop Dreaming?

Sometimes I think about what others think of me. I wonder if my Christianity is judged by my friends on social media or if my family thinks I’m crazy for putting myself out there. I think about how my enemies may pick apart my writing or videos to find flaw and imperfection.

When I have these thoughts, I ask myself, “Does it change my desire to pursue my dreams?”

Nope. I have a tendency to make myself bigger or more important than I actually am. I also have a tendency to put my own insecurities in the thoughts of other people. My content is not mainstream and is not popular with everyone, but it is content that I find value in.

Most people aren’t even thinking twice about what they read or watched in terms of how my hair looked or if I have gained weight. Most people are not searching for typos. When I allow these thoughts to take over, I’m allowing self to overshadow God.

This is not my most proud inner dialogue. These aren’t the thoughts that best line up with my brand, but these thoughts are ugly, little realities some times. With the start of the new year I wanted to think about dreams and goals.

Mama, I know you have a goal or a dream. I know you have a voice inside you that you can’t keep quiet. Maybe you have similar fears that are hindering your ability to try anyway. Maybe you’re afraid to fail. Failing is how we learn and get better. Trust me, I have bombed a lot! So, I try again. I am better because I have failed!

Ask yourself, “If not everyone understood my dream, would I stop dreaming it?”

My guess is you answered no. Be motivated. Be fearless. Be bold. It is hard putting yourself out there in a world that is so public. It is hard to try something new. It is scary to walk into the unknown. Think about who put that dream in your heart. God is just waiting on you, mama. Start moving!

2 Chronicles 15:7

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

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