Thank You for a Wonderful Year

May God bless your 2020. May you feel loved and known. I pray over your hearts that God may mold you in your times of waiting and want and that you may glorify God in your times of achievement and fulfillment. I pray over your families. May they see how truly remarkable you are and may they grow nearer to God. I pray for doors that open to opportunities within His will and hearts that accept the doors that close when a chapter is done. May we take comfort in knowing that sometimes when doors do not open for us, it is because it is not our door. May we take that belief and seek growth and a new path. May our souls never be discouraged for His will is perfect. I pray that God gives you strength and that you accept the gift of rest. I pray that this community grows and that we become closer to Christ and our bonds deepen with one another. I pray that we have faithful hearts and devoted lives. I pray we never forget to dream and that we speak life into the dreams of our spouses and children. I pray that we cherish our moments and do not lose sight of the joy within the difficulties and frustrations. I pray we find the treasures that our God’s lessons. I pray for growth and forward movement. I pray for peace. I pray that you know how much your support has meant to me. I pray God uses you and you allow Him to use you.

You are such a good friend. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

In Jesus’ Name


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