For Baylee

Last night I put my children to bed. I prayed over them. I left the room. I laid down. I fell asleep. Hours before they played outside and opened gifts. Christmas was possible without the worry of how bills would be paid. While the children are at school or away, I’m able to work for my husband and write. My step-daughter, Sadie, is currently out with her father and the friend that is spending the night with us.

There is a mom who is just like us in so many ways. Her name is Ashley Duncan. She cares for her children. She wants great things for her children. She loves them fiercely. Unlike most of us, this mother cannot leave her child’s bedside at night. She cannot sleep. She watches over her daughter, Baylee, all night to be sure she doesn’t have a fatal seizure. Baylee like most little girls is outgoing and loves to be with friends. Unlike Sadie, Baylee cannot have those sleepovers.

Ashley is a single mother. She has one income and supports three children on her own. She cannot work because of her child’s medical condition. After several years of coping with her child’s condition, Ashley is finally getting some progress in Baylee’s medical care. She will spend three months in the hospital to see if she is a good candidate for surgery since medication cannot manage her seizures.

The possible brain surgery could lead to side effects including memory loss, changes in Baylee’s personality, and difficulty moving her limbs. That same fear of the unknown that every mom can relate to is raging inside this mother. That pain of powerlessness. That feeling of one last hope.

What also dwells inside this mother is faith. She believes in the power of God and the miracles of prayer. She knows she has to ask for help and she knows she cannot do this alone.

Baylee is a child a lot like our children. She loves to draw and go to the playground. She is an avid Youtuber and enjoys playing with her dolls. She is just like our babies. She is real. She matters. She is loved.

I have included the link to this mother’s GoFundMe page. If you’re able to give, but unsure about giving, I ask that you sleep on it and when you do, I hope you praise God that unlike Ashley, you were able to sleep that night.

I ask you to look at your healthy children and praise God that you’re not facing this storm. Ask Him how you can help a mother who is. Maybe you can give prayer. Maybe you can financially support this family in their time of need. Maybe you can send a card or make a phone call or simply share this post.

I in no way aim to guilt you, but we are all able to do SOMETHING. You never know how far a small donation or kind gesture can go. You never know who on your friends list may be able to donate. You never know how even $20 may help this family. This is our community. This is who Diary of a Hot Mess Mama is. We support and rally for each other.

We glorify God. We turn things over to God. We parent with God. May God move. May God provide. May God use you to help a mama in our community who needs us now more than ever.

Thank you!!!

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