The Magic of Christmas

I love Elf on the Shelf. I love the apps that allow Santa to call the kids and the way coffee tastes early Christmas morning when the children are opening gifts. I love all of that.While I love that magical Christmas feeling, I often worry that our children are losing sight of why we celebrate Christmas. Last week my husband and I watched a movie with the kids about the Christmas Story (the Jesus one, y’all!). Immediately after we walked to our nativity scene and had the children point out who was who and why they were there.Jaxon has learned about DNA, so he informed me that God was Jesus’ biological father. Ryder pointed out the goatkeeper. Sadie was proud to remember the name Bethlehem, but we all giggled about the wise men bringing Jesus “Frankenstein”. It was a moment.We have been quizzing the children in the mornings on the way to school. I have shared before that this is our favorite conversation time with them. We always ask what they are most excited about for the day and say a prayer. We have added other questions like what were Jesus’ earthly parent’s names? Where was he born? Why do we celebrate Christmas?I guess the elf got the memo too. I woke up yesterday morning in a panic because I had forgotten to move the elf. Someone thankfully beat me to it! Look where I found him…There is so much magic in this beautiful season. It surpasses the stockings and the twinkling tree. It is bigger than elves and even Santa’s belly. It is the greatest of gifts. It is a peace and a joy that fills our home and renews our hearts. I wish you a magical Christmas, Mama!Isaiah 9:6
For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.