Farewell to 2019: A Letter to the Mamas


What a year we have had together! I am moved every time I view the stats of this blog site. I see the different places this ministry is traveling to. I see the number of times a post is read. I see what is being shared. I read your comments and my heart is filled with hope and joy. We are all connecting.

I think of what 2019 has brought you. How many monsters did you chase away at bedtime? How many sick children did you play nurse to? How many babies did you rock to sleep? How many passenger seats did you sit in for your teen to drive you home?

I think of all of the breakthroughs you were part of. How many baptisms did you witness? How many apologies did you receive? How many times were you thanked? How many times did you watch your child do what they thought was impossible? How many chorus concerts did you cheer at?

2019 has brought you new additions, old traditions, and countless miracles. 2019 has shown you what your family can only accomplish together. 2019 has proven to you that you are doing your very best. 2019 has shown you that hard work pays off.

This year has revealed to you what a tired body can accomplish. It has given you evidence of what you are made of. This year has stretched you thin and brought you to your knees. This year has removed what kept you from God. This year has reminded you that this life is painful and beautiful. This life is remarkable and mundane. This life is marvelous and difficult.

2019 has given you moments of extraordinary amongst your every day duties and routines. It has granted you purpose in what has felt like labor. This year has brought you peace in what felt like a neverending storm. You have won some and lost some, but you never lost what you were called to be. 2019 has made you a mother unmoved. A mother unshaken. A mother rededicated. A mother recharged. A mother with God’s blessing and favor.

This year has done you some good, mama, even when it felt like there was no good in sight. You’ve grown. You’ve evolved. You’ve been given a second chance in some ways. This year has been a blessing. It is a year to remember. They all are. Time flies and the days go by quicker than you ever imagined. Savor the days. Recall the memories. Hold tight to the lessons.

2020 is a new opportunity. It is a chance for even more. It is a year to look forward to. So look forward, but don’t forget the year that has passed. I am so grateful for you and your support. I love each and every one of you and I am eager to celebrate the year to come. You are my dear friends. May God bless you and keep you.

Always and All Ways,