Farewell to 2019: A Letter to the Boys

Dear Jaxon and Ryder,

I am floored by how much you’ve both grown this year. I have seen grades go up and so many earned DOJO points. I have watched two little boys have each other’s back and a brotherly bond that cannot be moved. I have seen a year of smiles and the loudest laughter.

I have picked up after endless nerf battles and seen your fort-building skills improve. I have seen you share and tell secrets. I don’t think I have seen two happier children and that makes me really proud.

You have encouraged nice manners and gratitude. You’ve said some great morning prayers. You have made so many new friends. You have become ninjas and heroes. You have given the best snuggles!

2019 has brought you a great schedule and a new hobby. It has seen you through to the other side of what could have broken you, but didn’t. This year has given you strength and knowledge and has brought us all understanding and trust. This has been my proudest year as a parent.

You both are so brave and so true to yourselves. You both know right from wrong and the truth from a lie. You both love your bibles and are eager to learn about God. You make me so proud and I love you so much.

Always and All Ways,


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