Farewell to 2019: A Letter to the Girls

Dear Sadie and Carmen,

What a year! Some of the things we have faced as a family have been very trying and pretty upsetting. What I see are two young ladies that have a voice. You have opinions and beliefs. You have your own truths.

I look at both of you and see beauty, but not just because you are both stunning. I see beauty in the way that you love one another and confide in one another. I see beauty in the way that you use your gifts and talents and challenge yourselves to achieve more. I see beauty in the moments we are blessed enough to be together.

This year has seen songs recorded, auditions attended, and games won. It has seen a perfected back flip, a riding helmet, and improved reading. 2019 has seen big changes and a lot of growing up. We are not always the biggest fans of these things, but that doesn’t stop them from coming.

My hope is that this year has brought you meaning and lessons. I pray this year has made you your favorite version of yourselves. I pray it has brought you joy.

As we approach 2020, I am excited to see what happens next. I am hopeful for great things. I am cheering you on and my love is here to stay. When I said “I do” to your daddy, I said it to you too. I will always choose you. You will always matter.May next year bring you happiness and a constant reminder of God’s great, unfailing love. May it bring you comfort and immense growth. May it bring you good friends and an unshakable bond. You are so loved.

Always and All Ways,