Walks Together

On my way to a meeting yesterday, I started thinking. I counted my blessings and it brought me to tears. I thought about my vehicle and my home and decided in that moment that even if I was walking to that meeting from my old singlewide, I would still be incredibly grateful and the happiest I have ever been.

This feeling did not come on its own. I have certainly been diligent with my gratitude list, but even that alone did not bring this on. I have been more mindful of how good I’ve got it.

Every morning Robert and I take the kids to school. We ask what they are most excited about and someone says the morning prayer. After we drop them off, we run an errand, go to the gym, or come home. Once we are home, we usually take a walk together.

I bundle up and he pokes fun at how many layers I am wearing. As we walk, we talk. We recap the day’s schedule, which makes this a business meeting. We also discuss future plans, goals, children, and frustrations of every day life. We connect. Just us. Nothing fancy.

What I began to see change in me is that I started to really remember just how much of a blessing my husband is. It is easy for us to experience the joys and hardships of parenting together, but sometimes we lose each other in the every day shuffle and routine. It is easy to disappear in parenthood. We don’t want to lose each other ever again. The kids deserve THIS kind of home.

We decided to make us part of that routine too. By committing to this, really without knowing it, we have grown closer and have gained understanding. My husband is one of my greatest friends and is without a doubt my greatest love.

These walks and truck rides have changed my heart exponentially. I have done a lot of work to grow on my own, but being able to grow this way together has brought my gratitude to an all-time high. It has changed who I am as a person and also as a parent. The kids start their day with intention and love.

Blessings come every day. I feel I am more aware of them because I am looking for them. I don’t miss as many opportunities to thank God. Those walks with my husband, those rides with my husband, and those talks with my husband remind me that we are in this together.

Mama, I know you’re consumed. I know your eyes are on those precious babies. If you can do it, and where there is a will there is a way, please connect with your spouse. You’ll be so glad you did. Motherhood will feel a lot less lonely.

If you’re a single parent, find a buddy. Give them the time you have convinced yourself you do not have. Know what mama-friends like? Fun. A break. Companionship. Schedule a play date or a girl’s dinner. Find the time. In that time together you will also find a blessing.

Be blessed, Mama. ❤

4 thoughts on “Walks Together

  1. Dragthepen says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes. I woke up today feeling depressed. I am stressing over a move I am supposed to make because I feel its not happening fast enough, instead of looking at the blessing of the warm roof over my head and the fact that I have a bed.
    I have the pleasure to do what I love which is teach, public speaking and writing. I don’t lack for food, clothing, money or any of the other basic needs.
    Thank you for this post. I.hope God will forgive me ungrateful heart💖

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