You are Awesome

The boys were playing video games today and I kept hearing, “I’m a beast at this” or “Man, I am awesome.” It made me chuckle. Later on, I heard, “I want to be a ninja or a firefighter.”

It got me thinking as the children often do. When did grown ups lose that? We are often fearful of admitting our strengths. What if we sound arrogant? We are hesitant to celebrate ourselves for worry of coming across as egotistical.

I have heard you should not tell others what your goals are or what you are working on. I don’t know why this advice exists and it may serve a perfectly good reason, but I believe in speaking things into life. I believe in claiming your dreams and in holding yourself accountable to your goals. Talking about them often does that!

Do we fear failing publicly? Do we worry we may not reach our goals fast enough? Some of the best things take time and consistent effort. Do we fail or do we simply find a method that did not work? Does that mean we stop?

Short answer: no. We just keep at it. We stay hungry for it. We continue to believe things are possible. We work towards what we think matters.

I’m all for humility. Maybe saying you’re the best of the best at something is slightly egotistical, but saying you’re great or awesome at something is definitely not. Own it. You’re praising God without even realizing it.

You are validating that YES, His work is great and awesome. He made you a beast at something. Be a ninja or a firefighter or an astronaut. Whatever. Tell the world that is what you are going to do if you want to. Be shameless!

Talking about your dreams will not make them become impossible. Trying to figure out a better or more effective way at doing something won’t suddenly cause you to stop. Your doubt will do that for you. So, feed your faith. YOU WILL. YOU CAN. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

And know, mamas, I think you’re a beast at this. ❤

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