Teach Them Well

Last night I attended a concert with a mom friend. It was a blessing. I’m fortunate to surround myself with good, strong women. We had so much fun.

There were boots and bling and so much country music. We watched talented women leave it all on the stage. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Our husbands cared for our sons and enjoyed their own separate “boys night” with them.

While last night was amazing and my friend time was so needed, the biggest blessing came this morning. I had such little sleep and the boys were relentless. They needed me on my game, bright and early, no matter what I did last night.

While I was making coffee Ryder said, “Mommy, Robert is a good man.”

It was out of nowhere and completely unprovoked. I smiled and said, “Why do you say that?”

“Because he is fun and he works hard for our family. We have a lot of cool stuff.”

I told him he was right and that it was sweet to build up another man and important to count his blessings. I have sat here with my coffee thinking about this. Ryder may not have even realized how valuable his comment was.

My husband makes an impact. My husband is teaching the boys how to love their families, how to provide, and how to find joy. He snuggles them and plays with them in a way I cannot. He gets their “boyness”.

The boys are learning core values and I am so blessed to raise my son with my husband and my son’s father. I feel that blessing in my heart every single day. Hearing Ryder say something so powerful made me realize that not only were we doing this better than I thought, they were watching and taking notice.

I have seen my husband grow tremendously in the last year. Our family has reaped those benefits. His dedication to that growth and his drive to be even better than he was yesterday has motivated me to do the same.

Saying that my husband is the head of our family or a leader does not threaten my value or challenge my feminism. It takes trust and strength on my part to allow him that role. It moves my own respect and adoration to a level closer to God’s.

Scripture talks about what husbands and wives are called to be. It reveals what parents are called to be. I realized how perfect God’s design is this morning. The model He created is truly without flaw and our family is what it is today because of it.

Mama, the kids are learning. Nothing you or their dad do is unnoticed. There is so much value in biblical callings, but there is also value in everyday actions. Sometimes these are things you may not even think about. Be encouraged! They are learning in their own way how to be parents and spouses.

If you’re doing this alone, know that God is with you. Those kids are collecting life skills from your hard work. If you’re doing this in two households, find value in what each of you bring. There is so much treasure there!

If you’re doing this together with your child’s father, yours is the relationship they will likely model. Teach them well! Parents are teaching a life of love, effort, and joy. It is not easy and it is not perfect, but your actions matter. It is never too late to try harder or to be even better than you were before. You are doing a great job!!

I pray each of you has a moment like this morning. I pray each of you is reassured and encouraged. I pray each of you knows how loved you are and that your children have that same God and that same love. You matter. Now, let’s finish this coffee with a happy heart. ❤

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