I Just Wrote a Blog on My Facebook Status


Today I wrote the following on my personal Facebook page and with the comments that came in response, I felt God telling me to share it further. I hope you find encouragement and if you feel convicted, please do not be offended, sis. This is a message of love and of hope:

Sometimes it is easier to look at our circumstances and feel like a victim or like we are being punished. Sometimes instead of being accountable, we find comfort in slinging mud or pointing fingers. Sometimes it is more tolerable to create the false belief that we have not made any poor decisions or mistakes. It is less painful to ignore the people, even our own friends or family, that we have hurt. Sometimes it is easier to believe that things are working against us and not for the greater good. Sometimes we choose insecurity and comparison over aspirations and goals. We see our own character defects and inferiority as a reason to attack or to attend a competition that does not even exist.

If we challenge ourselves to grow, to change, and to repair, our circumstances change and our possibilities become endless. When we carry things to God, He will sometimes use others or our circumstances to teach us a greater lesson or to mold us into the people He called us to be. He will show us what is broken and push us to be healed. We choose between sitting on our own childish pity pot or sitting at the feet of our Heavenly Father. We choose to grow or to die. We choose to seek Him and to find joy or to continue seeking self and destruction.

Life is hard. Consequences can be difficult. It is what we do with them that defines the next chapter. God is always at work, I promise, whether you go kicking and screaming or on your own accord is your choice, but His will and His love remain steadfast. ❤

Math on Earth and math in Heaven do not always match. What we see as subtraction may really be His addition. What we call division may be His multiplication of blessings overall. We can get lost in the equation or become part of the solution.

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