GUEST POST: People are Like Water

*Special thanks to Stephanie Trembley for allowing me to guest post!*

I spent my tween and teen years growing up in the country. We had seven and a half acres, a horse, a huge hog, a mess of dogs, some chickens, and some guinea hens. We had a huge vegetable garden and a quiet life out in the middle of nowhere.

As an adult, I have always lived in cities. I had to live there for work, and then when I got married and started having kids, my husband needed to live in certain areas for his job. I miss the quiet of the country and I feel like I’ve been trying to get back there my whole life.

Life’s a funny thing. Sometimes it does NOT go the way you want it to or expect it to. I’ve had difficult seasons of life, trying seasons of life, seasons when my whole family was sick for an extended period of time. I latched onto the phrase bloom where you are planted like it would save my life! That saying really did help me a lot during those difficult times, but the thing that has helped me the most during the “meh” times, the in between seasons of life, is my friends.

What I realized recently is I would never have met these wonderful people if I hadn’t moved around so much. If I had stayed in the country (where I was comfortable), I wouldn’t have had certain opportunities that have been afforded to me. The city is not where I want to be, but perhaps it’s where I need to be? I don’t talk about religion or spirituality online, but I really do believe God puts us where we need to be.

Life forced me out of my comfort zone and I grew as a result of it. I believe people are like water. We have the unique ability to fill any shape or size of vessel. You pour water into a tall, skinny vase and the water takes the shape of the vase. You pour it into a short, round pot and it fills that space. We have the ability to adapt to our circumstances and we have the opportunity to fill that space with good or bad.

When I choose to accept my circumstances, I am filling my space with love and light. What will you fill your space with today?

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