Why Do You Still Wake Up Early?

This morning before 6am I have had coffee, read scripture, laid out clothes for Jaxon, and started writing. And this is what I call a slow morning. Why? I no longer have to rush to get ready and floor it to an office in Apex or Chapel Hill at a certain time. The kids do not have to leave for school for another hour and 20 minutes.

So why do I do it? I struggle with anxiety. This flares up a lot when I start my day in a panic or a rush. I lose meaningful time with God, with the kids, and with my goals. If I sleep through what I hope my day could look like, I spend the rest of the day chasing that dream.

Some mornings I am up because a child had a bad dream or my husband is snoring. This morning my darling husband scratched the bottom of my foot with his toe nail at 4:17am. Yes, y’all, this is my glamorous life. 😂

I’ll admit, I was incredibly annoyed by this at first, but then I looked around and appreciated how still everything was. I was comforted by the rhythm of my husband’s breathing. He works hard and he was sleeping hard. No one needed anything from me.

My house was warm. The coffee was strong. Jaxon was peacefully dreaming away. While not ideal, life was pretty good. Today would not get away from me. I would be ready for today with the right attitude.

When I start the morning leisurely with Jesus, I start the day I want to have. It is all about preparation for this mama and with my little circus, I need it. I can read His word, I can pray without interruption, I can write my gratitude list, and I can prepare my heart for whatever life brings.

Losing sleep for God means gaining ground for me. It is truly a win/win. When I prepare my heart, I level the playing field, and my dreams do not seem so far away. I can do the work that needs to be done. I can hustle towards the goals God has put on my heart.

I wake up early because Heaven has no office hours. I can go to Him at any time. I wake up early because I want to accomplish big things and that means starting before everyone else does. I wake up early because my family deserves a mood of peace and not of catch-up.

I wake up early because I have a life to be excited about. Rise and shine!

Good morning, Mamas!

11 thoughts on “Why Do You Still Wake Up Early?

  1. Monica Buttrey says:

    I love this, I am so out of practice with my morning routine. Would you share yours? Do you read something specific, like a daily meditation?

    • hotmessmama2017 says:

      I signed up for bible verses to be emailed to me every morning. I also subscribed to Max Lucado and Girlfriends in God devotional emails. My bible app is also a lifesaver. I am not always disciplined to open my bible and it is a helpful way to make it part of my routine. Good morning!!! Love you! ❤❤

  2. Jordan says:

    YES! This is so good. I am not a morning person, but I really need to change my routine. I so love those moments where the house is still asleep, and I can just prepare my heart. You are motivating me today! (I’ll probably need to re-read this post two or three times when my alarm goes off early, and I ask myself WHY I wanted to get up so early lol)

  3. Monica says:

    I used to love waking up super early before my family, just to spend time with Jesus. I’ve fallen out of that habit….its one I would love to get back to! I still spend time with Him later in the morning…but it was something so special about those early hours, before the sun was even up.

  4. Clare says:

    I agree that getting an early, quiet, calm start to the day can be the key to having a good day and easing anxiety. I have been intentionally waking up early most mornings for a while now. I thought I would get tired, but I actually feel energised by it. If I miss my early morning a time and sleep in, the day definitely can feel a bit off. I love hearing how others choose to spend their early morning time. Thanks for sharing.

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