Anyway in Any Way

Diary of a Hot Mess Mama has been a blessing to me, a ministry to other parents, a platform for growth, and, most importantly, a way for me to glorify God. This has been my baby, my mission, and my passion. I checked the stats today, as I do once a week, and discovered that this blog has been read in 14 different countries during the month of November.

I teared up. This is big for me and moves my heart more than I can possibly convey. There are people in 14 countries being encouraged by and exposed to the gospel. There are 3,858 people who follow Hot Mess Mama’s Instagram page and 1,013 people who follow the Facebook page.

This blog started as an outlet for me to write. I never dreamed it would grow into something else altogether. I am thrilled. I am humbled. I am motivated and driven to continue to share God’s goodness with even more people.

This morning I really didn’t feel like walking. I did not feel like going out in the cold to get some movement in before I prepare for my mother’s birthday party. I did it anyway. After eating way too much junk last night, I told myself to stop ditching myself!

So often I make plans with myself or time for myself and then I flake. It’s disgusting. I have been a terrible date, a terrible friend, and a real jerk to myself. So, today, I decided to bundle up and walk anyway. Why is this relevant? I’m getting there, I promise.

My progress with this blog, this ministry has been comprised of a series of small decisions and consistent effort. Some days I get no blog comments or post likes. Some weeks my stats kind of suck, but I do not stop. I made a commitment to continue this and that commitment has started to pay off.

My progress may seem small, but when I remember sitting on the red couch in our old singlewide (yes, girl, I was a proud, trailer park queen 👑) in 2017 to free-write on WordPress, I am in awe. Today I walked nearly two miles when I didn’t even want to walk to the end of the driveway to check the mail.

When I push myself to make the decisions that best support the direction I want to go, I am NEVER disappointed. When I choose my goal over my own level of motivation, it pays off. It is easy to get wrapped up in what is easy and to live out our motherhood years in complete survival mode. Some days, my darling, I know that is the best we can do.

It is easy to put your goal on the back burner because you’re exhausted from being a parent or a spouse. It is easy to forget your dream because it is inconvenient to your already packed schedule. BUT…WHAT IF WE STOPPED CHOOSING WHAT WAS EASY?

What if we saw our bodies, our time on earth, and our relationships as opportunities. What if we counted them as blessings? What if we used them to not only glorify God, but to show Him our gratitude? What if we stopped ditching ourselves?

Mama, I love you and I think you are so amazing no matter what you do with your time. I see you. I know it is tough and you are so tired. I know things seem impossible or you believe you can make time later, but I encourage you to walk anyway. Make time anyway. Make the small decision now that will be the foundation of your success later. Do it anyway in any way, just do it! Be consistent. The person waiting on you needs you. Show up for her. ❤

☝️ My shirt has this laid out very simply: Dream. Overcome. Exceed. Repeat. Be a DOER, Mama!

1 Corinthians 15:58
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

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7 thoughts on “Anyway in Any Way

  1. AMY DOCKERY says:

    Keep it up little HMM! God gave me an idea for a prayer page, over 3 years ago, and through discouragement, fear, and some worry, I chose as you have. If he gave me the idea, I would see it through. I’m prone to be too insecure, but that page has blessed me and others too, and I know it’s the Lord. Walk, write, and keep on loving so abundantly as you are doing! … and a month ago I rededicated myself to walking, even in the cold- what a difference inside and outside of me. You go girl.

  2. The In-between Moms says:

    I so appreciate the encouragement!❤ Being a mom (of 4, and 1 is severely autistic) and a woman trying hard to go after her goals, is no easy thing. Especially when you dont see the desired results quick enough. But hearing about people like you, who dont give up, inspires me to keep going. Congratulations on your success!…I hope you keep reaching people for the Lord!

    • hotmessmama2017 says:

      Aw! Thank you! You have such an incredible testimony. I know God will use you to help the next mom along! We have a kid with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder and I can relate to the extra struggle. It can be frustrating and heartbreaking. You want everyone to see the kid that you see and some days they totally do, but a lot of other days you advocate like crazy and find what works. What works for every other kid may not work for that little angel. It’s trying to live in the spontaneity and unpredictability of life and of motherhood, while trying to give a child consistency and routine, so they have a shot to shine and feel secure. People so often do not comprehend that with these babies, they HAVE to have routine and schedule because to them change is terrifying and devastating. The consistency is what they count on and thrive on and what may seem silly or small to them or another child is monumental to your kid. I mean, I even had to explain why our kiddo couldn’t have his food touching. It is painful for him. He is not a brat! He has a different view of the world and deserves that support. We have to educate ourselves and take notes to set them up for the most success possible because who else is going to do it?! My heart goes out to your heart. I am so impressed with you and so excited to see where your work takes you. ❤ I am so glad we “met”! God Bless!!

      • The In-between Moms says:

        Thank you so much for the encouragement and well wishes, it means a lot to me!❤ Yes, you definitely get it….having a child with special needs takes lots of time, energy, patience, understanding, and advocating! It’s no small thing! But it’s also, or I should say he’s also, what keeps me motivated with my goals and my purpose. I want to be my best self, for God, for me, and for my kids. I want them to believe that you can accomplish amazing things, even in the face of great difficulty and challenges. I feel like my son who has autism, does that everyday! Thank you for being here; and thank you for sharing. I’m so glad we met as well❤

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