Llamas, Mamas, and Eagles

Yesterday Robert and I joined 80-something other vendors at the annual Crafty Llama event at Divine Llama Vineyards. The event raises money for Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, which is a nonprofit that educates different members of the community to handle financial crises, build wealth, and become financially independent.

We love this event and because of my past, it hits close to home. I had to learn life skills because I entered adulthood with basically none. I was so grateful for the people who taught me to budget and pay bills. I own my home because of that education and this organization is doing the same thing for the folks of Forsythe County in North Carolina. This matters!

Robert and I brought his famous tailgate benches, my precious mama, and some home decor. We sold a bench and some other items and were grateful to meet some new friends. We even met a man from Efland all the way in the foothills of East Bend! The other vendors were delightful.

I met a precious lady, Amber, who owns Sweetgrass Lane. She was so friendly and had such cute and unique items for children. A fellow boy mama, Amber expressed her excitement for creating girly clothing items since that was really her only opportunity to make that sort of thing. Our little cousin Gracie is in for a treat this Christmas.

I also met the owner of Swanky and Swag Salon and Boutique. I marveled as this mama hustled and greeted customers while still being present for her children. The kids would go in and out of her booth sometimes tearful and this mama would comfort them and love on them while still being present for every guest in her tent. I love me some mamas and I loved her merchandise. Look at what Robert bought me!

Overall it was a great day. The weather was a perfect example of Autumn in North Carolina and the vineyards were fragrant and beautiful. There was laughter and chatter and music. The music brings me to my other experience yesterday.

If you know my family, you know that my husband is a gifted vocalist. In the middle of a conversation, he abruptly walked towards the stage. His jam was on. My mother and I continued to talk and I put my finger to my lips and listened.

“Seven Bridges Road” was playing and that harmony is stunning. Also part of that harmony was the unmistakable voice of Robert Trembley. I looked at my mother and said, “That is Robert.”

She laughed and said that couldn’t be. When she walked to the stage on the other end of the vineyard to investigate, she found Robert sharing a microphone with the lead singer. He was several feet away from the mic and she was shocked I knew Robert was singing.

I explained to her that I know his voice almost as well as I know my own. I have an ear for music and I have had my share of voice lessons, concerts, and my own performances. I can hear every element of a song. Even Robert was shocked I heard him.


I just laughed and said, “I know my husband. I always hear you.”

While this is a lovely sentiment, I wondered if I could pick out the voice of my Heavenly Father that well. Do I hear Him when he directs me? Do I constantly feel his pulls and pushes? Do I always see His grace, mercy, and beauty? I’m sure I miss Him sometimes in the midst of all that is worldly and distracting.

I read into Ephesians 5 this morning.

Ephesians 5:1
Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are His dear children.

Can I truly imitate God if I am not constantly listening out for Him? Would I know His voice in the middle of any harmony? I have challenged myself to be a better “God Listener”. It is hard and will take practice, but the pay off will be huge.

Mama, what is God saying to you this morning? Let’s be imitators of God for our families. Let’s encourage one another to find His voice throughout the harmonies of our days. I would love to learn how YOU hear God. Please feel free to share in the comments! I love learning from you. I am listening.




13 thoughts on “Llamas, Mamas, and Eagles

  1. That's So Catherine says:

    I’m pretty sure by now God knows I’m deaf and has to put a neon flashing sign in front of me. 😉 LOL! But seriously though, you’re right about how we all forget to “listen” sometimes.

  2. Tara Florance Adams says:

    That is a beautiful sweater & cute shirt. It sounds like there’s lots of cool items that can be purchased at the event. Listening for the voice of God during my quiet time, or any other time really, is my favorite thing to do. He’s so present and comforting.

  3. The In-between Mom says:

    What a fun day, thanks for sharing! I love how you tie your posts back to your faith. How is God speaking to me right now? I’m being reminded to trust in Him. That He is in control, and I can rest knowing that…instead of trying to control everything myself.

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