On a Dark and Stormy Night

In preparation for Halloween, we purchased costumes and candy bags. We mapped out where we were going to trick-or-treat. We chose our teammates for our mission. We were ready, y’all.

Then came the news of tornadoes and rain. The kids began to feel sad and expressed disappointment. Less than 48 hours before Halloween my mom mentioned looking for trunk-or-treats or throwing a Halloween party. She is a genius and if there’s one thing my husband and I can do, it is throw a great kid party.

Robert went out for supplies (while wearing a Michael Myers mask…because, well, that is the beautiful/crazy I married). I looked up fun recipes. Sadie chose a last minute costume. She was an Instagram Influencer. It was brilliant!

I threw together a gypsy costume. When you own as much fringe as I do, your possibilities are endless. My mother came up with Halloween games. The boys were my hype men and cheered me on through my recipe execution. They even helped! Sadie cleaned the house and made “mummy dogs”.

My ex-husband and the girl I am going to call “Ryder’s Future Step-mama” (aka Erin) came dressed for the occasion. My hilarious hubby scared everyone with his mask and his typical, quiet demeanor became pretty creepy while he was in costume. Sadie invited Hope back to the house to join our fun.

We ate so much junk food and played games. I got to have adult, girl talk with Erin. Robert and Thomas wrestled rowdy boys and took turns scaring them. The boys and Sadie kept us laughing and even though Ryder’s attitude took an unexpected turn towards “Moody Town”, there were no complaints about not trick-or-treating.

Sadie won what seemed like 20 rounds of Bingo and Jaxon asked if we could do this every year. Ryder clung to me and told me how fun I was. He even gave Robert all my sugar! Thomas and Erin enjoyed a kid-free night together and my mama got to watch Halloween fun unfold amongst most of her grandkids.

You see, sometimes things do not go as planned. Things get messy. Things get stormy. Things fall apart. When you have a solid team dedicated to making things better, you can hold on tight to each other and ride out any storm. God gives us all the right players. He brings us together.

Even the difficult personalities can teach us something. I know the kind of “baby mama” and co-parent I want to be. I know how I want my guests to feel. I know how much gratitude I want to show my incredible partner. I know how I want to show up for the kids and how I want the kids to feel.

I can find gratitude for everyone God has placed in my path, no matter if it has been a positive or negative experience. He put them there and I will learn from them and love them the way He calls me to. I can find gratitude for the storms. They bring us together and force us to fellowship. We get to see what we are all made of. We find hope in where the storms lead us.

We may have even created a new tradition together. There was talk of coordinating costumes next year. Our family is huge. Our team is huge. Our children’s support is huge. Hearing Jaxon call for Erin and Thomas, watching Sadie help her Gogo, talking with Hope’s mama, and witnessing Ryder hug his “wabird” remind me that we all belong to each other. And this was only a small portion of our family.

I feel blessed. I feel lucky. I feel happy that the children get this big ol’ crew of people to weather the storm with.

And…there was a lot of good candy. God is so, so good.

Mamas, do not fear the storms. Do not worry. You have all the right players and such a big God. Hold on tight and make the best of every minute. I will even save you a “mummy dog”. 🥰

Proverbs 15:22

Plans fail for lack of counsel,
but with many advisers they succeed.

9 thoughts on “On a Dark and Stormy Night

  1. The In-between Mom says:

    What a beautiful family! I’m glad it turned out to be an amazing night for you all. We ended up having really funky weather too on Halloween. My kids went to 4 trunk or treats and were very happy.

  2. Amy Dockery says:

    Best one yet, Stephanie! Great fun, big love, creativity and zest and glory to God! Extremely well written too! Bravo little baby sister!

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