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One of the more glamorous parts about blogging is the gifts. Who doesn’t like freebies? I have scored fun, mom-inspired boutique clothing, requests to review local businesses, and recently a request for a book review. This meant I got to read a free book! Woohoo!

The best part about the book review request: it was a book worth reading. I was asked by a publicist to read a book called Love Lock. When it arrived in our mailbox I was thrilled by the cover.

I sat down in my heavily blanketed bed, surrounded by oversized pillows, and sipping my favorite flavor of La Croix. Oh yeah, it was glorious. I was ready to dig in.

One of my favorite analogies in the book is one about relationships being like an orchestra. Musicians move together from minor to major as a team. When they do not, there is dischord and chaos.

Relationships require that same amount of fluid movement and a happy relationship demands that a couple doesn’t major in the minor or minor in the major. I thought that was brilliant! I began to think of examples of this in my own marriage.

I love when authors are willing to get honest and personal. That is exactly what Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell do in Love Lock. They pair their own marital tales with uplifting and validating scripture. Hmm…I wonder why I loved this book!

The bravery of the authors allows the reader to be more self-accepting and, most importantly, self-aware. Their vulnerability allows for everyone to be human. The tools given in this book call for everyone to strive for greatness.

Sometimes to have a remarkable marriage, you have to be willing to be a remarkable partner. And sometimes, y’all, it really isn’t that complicated. This book outlines the different needs a partner may have.

These are outlined in sections and are as follows: I need to feel understood, I need to feel valued, I need to feel a part of you, I need to feel appreciated and cherished, I need to trust you, and I need more resolution and less conflict. WHO HAS NOT BEEN THERE? Love Lock in all of its brilliance simplifies what is sometimes difficult to achieve on our own. It is basically a manual. What is the need? Well, flip to that section and uncover the skill or tool!

This is a light read. If you’re not an avid reader, you’ll enjoy this book. If you are someone who loves a good book or someone who wants to promote personal growth, you’ll enjoy this book. You really can’t go wrong.

Rollins and Trammell offer some great insight and share their own personal testimonies of what has and has not worked in their own relationships. I learned a thing or two from these gentlemen and I encourage you to check out Love Lock.

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  1. Linda Trammell says:

    Hey…I am Marty Trammell’s wife. 🙂 Loved your review and am hear to say that we put into practice and have reaped the benefits of applying the principles in this book. I love my hubs and feel incredibly blessed to be his partner in this marriage journey. God bless you and the ministry he has given you!

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