I love Fall. I know how basic this makes me sound and I'm totally ok with it. I love nearly everything about this season! I have started to call my morning walks through the neighborhood my walks with Jesus. I pray and sort things out. I count my blessings. I recall that morning's scripture or … Continue reading Fall

Dear Dads

Was anyone worried I may forget to show the dads some love? I asked questions on Facebook to all my dad friends. Their responses about their children, spouses, and duties gave me such a renewed appreciation and admiration for these fellas. They're so incredible. I mean, you Mamas will always be my favorites, but these … Continue reading Dear Dads

Love Lock

One of the more glamorous parts about blogging is the gifts. Who doesn't like freebies? I have scored fun, mom-inspired boutique clothing, requests to review local businesses, and recently a request for a book review. This meant I got to read a free book! Woohoo! The best part about the book review request: it was … Continue reading Love Lock