I am Not an Influencer

I was called someone’s competition. This was said in a friendly, loving, playful way. This person is beautiful and wonderful and I was flattered, but it got me thinking.

I love my other social media folks. I am in awe and celebration of their triumphs and success. I feel I should be transparent about something. I AM NO ONE’S COMPETITION. Neither are you.

There is only one you and there is only one me and we have different niches, talents, and ambitions. God has put different goals on our hearts. It is beautiful what He is doing.

I am not an influencer. I do not see myself this way. I have been tickled to see the number of followers on my social media pages increase. I have been blessed by the number of people who not only read, but subscribe to my blog. Those things are wonderful and motivate me to continue, but those things are not my dream.

I am an encourager. I want to witness YOUR lightbulb moment. I want to be there when YOU realize YOUR worth and chase after YOUR dream. I want to watch YOU realize YOU can. I want to be the reason YOU stop giving up on YOURSELF.

That, Mama, is all YOU. You do not need me to influence how you live or dress or believe, but rather encourage you to be exactly who God intended for YOU to be. Mamas need friends. We need supporters. Mamas need shoulders to cry on and people to lean on because that is who we are to everyone else every single moment of our lives.

You are remarkable and deserve a life that is remarkable. YOU!! You do all the hard work. You put in all the elbow grease. I’m just here clapping and cheering and reminding you that you totally can!!!

I am driven to show you how much your creator loves you and how much He wants to give you. I am your friend. I am that shoulder. I am your supporter. I am your encourager and even though they are amazing too, I am 100% ok with not being an influencer.

Happy Sunday, Mama!!

2 Chronicles 15:7

But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded

2 thoughts on “I am Not an Influencer

  1. Amy D says:

    Dear Hot Mess Mama- we cannot help but influence each other. It’s how we are made, how our God made us, in his image, and we rub off on each other whether we want to or not. We influence kids, animals, weather, our families and friends, and of course any other person who is around us. For better or worse, we just do. It’s not ego or power, it’s just that when we are around any other person, place, or thing, it’s inevitable. We leak out onto each other :). Try not to overthink it, and keep doing what you are doing, keeping it honest. God continue to bless you, young’un!

    • hotmessmama2017 says:

      Thank you! Just to clarify, my goal is not to be a social media influencer. That is the title and term I am referring to. The sweet lady who said I was competition is a wildly successful, Instagram. Fashion, influencer. I guess what I am saying is that I don’t see myself that way. You are 100% right about influencing others by being around them. I agree! I’m just talking about the job title influencer. I always appreciate you reading! You have been such a support and I am so glad that you take the time to read and engage!!!! God bless you too!!! ❤

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