It was early. Everything was still and a fog had set just above the grass. I could hear the creek and I could smell the dew. My coffee was heaven and I was enjoying the peaceful morning alone. I was absolutely serene. This mountain trip was just what the doctor ordered. I closed my eyes to–



Enter the boys. I turn to the door of the front porch to see a five and six year old grinning at me. I quietly sent God thanks for the moment and was on my feet. Ryder and Jaxon threw their arms around my thighs.

“Let’s go ‘splorin’, Mom.”

I was in pink pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. I was less than prepared to go exploring. I also know that moments like this don’t happen all the time, so I threw boots over my pajamas and headed out.

The boys had to look at everything. I was helping them over fences and warning them about manure. I was helping them climb a ladder and reminding them about safety. We looked for bears and big foot. We pretended to be spies with our binoculars. It was just after 7:30am. Yes, early, so early.

While this was certainly not my idea of relaxation, I know that my time with the boys is precious. They are growing up so fast and one day they will not want to play with me or tell me their secrets. One day I won’t be cool. Sooner than I think they will be moody and blame me for everything. One day they will be out in the world.

But, today, I am fun. I am their partner in crime. I am their double agent and the most amazing bear hunter. I can catch them when they jump and I can raise them over the fence. They want to know what I know. They want to tell me what they know.

Today is a gift. It is a treasure to be tucked away, deep in my pocket, in case I ever need to reference a happy memory. It is to be carried forever by all three of us.

God is so good and has blessed us with so many happy memories. I am grateful to watch the little kids be kids. I’m overjoyed by their innocence and inspired by their sense of adventure.

One day they will outgrow your arms, Mama. You will have so much more time to rest then. You will have days to fill with your own desires. You will have moments of solitude and hours of only you. But, you will want this back. You will look at today with your children and remember how small their hands were.

You will recall how soft their cheeks were and how it felt to hold them in your lap. You will remember their crazy jokes and the number of times they called for you.

Allow yourself to enjoy today with your kids. Cherish it. All of it. Even the tantrums and messy rooms. Look at the amazing gifts God has given you and remember the role He put you in.

You are incredible and strong. You are their favorite. Remind yourself how precious this moment is and how amazing you truly are.

Proverbs 31:28-29
Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.

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