Down South Deals

My husband and I had some alone time today and in true, Trembley form, we decided to venture out on a junkin’ adventure. Robert had been chatting online with a man named Jeff, who invited us to his shop to pick up a few items we found on Facebook marketplace.

When we pulled in to the parking lot I knew right away that we were in the company of our-kind-of-people. What I didn’t find out until later was that we also shared the same faith and adoration for God.

Jeff couldn’t have been more friendly. Robert and I chatted with him as we walked through his shop. Down South Deals was definitely something to marvel at. As upcyclers, we love us some rust and this shop was full of it! There is nothing like seeing my fella’s handsome mug amongst rusty old signs and repurposed tractor seats.

If I am honest, I really wanted to sleep and lounge today and the hour and a half commute sounded less than tempting, but my husband asked me to join, and I couldn’t say no. When Jeff shared his story with us, I knew that God wanted me exactly where I was.

Jeff had worked in corporate America for nearly 20 years before being laid off. Instead of feeling defeated and giving up, he saw an opportunity to do what he had always wanted to do. Jeff began selling the treasures from his own pickin’ excursions out of his home.

He enjoyed working for himself and meeting other people who also loved all things antique, but what he really wanted was his own shop. Jeff prayed about the shop. He knew that if he asked for it in prayer, believing, it would be given to him.

Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Jeff gushed about his family for most of the time we were in his shop. He shared that he had experienced cardiac issues, which nearly separated him from his family. His near death experience gave him a different outlook on life. He realized that every moment was a gift and he intended to make the most of those gifts.

Jeff had his eye on a building in his town, but it had been used as a church office for nearly two years and had several other pairs of eyes on it. He had never owned a shop before, but Jeff’s faith paid off. His friend let him know that the church had been blessed with a larger space and the building would be available.

Jeff made a call to the owner and Down South Deals was born! He moved into the building shortly after and his business was thriving. I wondered what gave Jeff such an unwavering faith.

He shared that during his cardiac episode, he was driven to the hospital in an ambulance. He recalled a hand on his shoulder and a man’s voice telling him to keep breathing.

There were only four females in the back of the ambulance with Jeff.

I make my dreams no secret. I claim them. I want to write. I want to glorify God with my writing. I will sing that song until the cows come home, but I also have days when I wonder if my dream is unrealistic or foolish. I wonder if I am allowed to have such a big dream as a mother. Does it make me selfish?

Jeff is a father and a devoted husband. His testimony is astounding and my heart was so comforted by his decision to live a life of excellence, achievement, and gratitude. By living this way, he is not only providing for his family, he is showing them firsthand that prayer works and that dreams matter! He is glorifying God by making the most of his time here on Earth.

As a parent, my heart rejoiced. As a Christian, my heart was reassured. I was grateful to learn a thing or two about living today and I was reminded that God alwas provides.

Pssst…it’s ok to dream, Mama.

Ephesians 4:1
Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.

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  1. Amy D says:

    My realization has been this: if it’s yours, He will get it to you. I have never known how to live, really. As I realized that God loved me and wasn’t mad at me, thus rejecting me, I then wanted to get things right. I wanted to hurry and get with it. In my naivete and idealism, it’s taken me 40 years to get some idea of His truth for me. Finally in my 60s, I am absorbing the above: If it’s mine, He will get it to me. He always has, when I had no clue and didn’t even know what I wanted or what to look for. He hears His sheep, watches over us, guards us, won’t let us get too far away from Him, flips us up off our backs and cleans us up, all the briars and brambles and flies are washed away- and we have what we needed and what we wanted. I began writing a little at 12 years old, and I still do. 2 poems last week- it comes when it comes. Sometimes lyrics, sometimes observations, mostly some form of poem. I’ve been encouraged to publish something, but I have no clue. I used to try to get with that as well, but I can’t force writing. Now retired, I don’t want the pressure. So, if it’s mine, it will happen. Meanwhile, when the words come, I just enjoy it. Maybe I’ll share one someday. Not standard Dr Seuss, but poetry. Anyway, I think the field is wide open for moms who share their journeys. I share your stuff, and several friends have liked it. Keep going- He will open a door. Pretty sure of that!

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