Fixer and Doer

4 thoughts on “Fixer and Doer

  1. Laura Clark says:

    Love your humor! “When I cook up some Pinterest gourmet mess” and “Hey, my trip to the therapist can be your freebie”.
    Seriously, you’re very relatable and you remind me of the simplest things.. Love you lady!

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  2. Amy D says:

    I’m not a mommy, but do know about some of that ocd business. Here’s a baseline I have realized and remember daily: If no one is going to hell over whatever the issue is, it’s going to work out and be ok. That definitely relieves some of the pressure. Being a supermom is the BEST, but remember the above too. It’s going to be ok. – I’m a Christian too, so I answer to The One Who Knows These Things. What a difference it makes!

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