Eating Out

Perhaps one of my favorite things about children is the magic they find in the mundane. They can find something special and exciting in just about anything. The back-to-school craze has inspired so much hype from the kids and I am thrilled to see them excited about school.

My step-daughter, Sadie, has been pumped to wear this green romper we bought this Summer and has known what she was going to wear on the first day of school since June. My step-son, Jaxon, has been delighted to have a numbered grade and feels quite distinguished as a first grader.

My son, Ryder, offered the most excitement of what could be the most basic of school norms. Ryder attended Pre-K in this same school last year and because it was a separate program from the rest of the Elementary school, lunch was brought to their classroom. The kids would sit at their desks and have meals there.

Ryder mentioned being excited to see his siblings and cousins in the hall and join them on the playground, but what got my son to nearly shriek was the cafeteria. “Mommy, I get to eat out this year!”

It was the sweetest and simplest thing to find joy in. His excitement has weighed on my mind since Open House and I just fell in love with it. Life truly is about the little things. There is magic in everything.

I get so caught up in worldly things. I get lost in activities. I obsess over to-do lists and schedules. I worry about the world my children may be left with. I am so distracted that I forget to notice the magic in things.

I remember as a new mom dreaming about the carpool line. I know, I know it can be a frustrating place, but I visualized what we would discuss on the way to school. I thought about shopping for supplies and choosing the coolest lunchbox. I thought about meeting teachers and bringing cupcakes to class parties.

These things were not duties to me then, they were goals! They were benchmarks to get excited about! These were my cafeteria moments and while I attended them and lived them, I don’t think I honestly allowed them to be magical to me.

The kids find joy unintentionally. It comes naturally. It is automatic. I realize that adulthood has changed that quite a bit for me. Though it is not automatic, it is possible. After watching these kiddos get pumped about outfits, age, and the cafeteria; I am inspired to find the magic and the joy in the everyday.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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