Gypsy Soul

There is a woman who just blows me away. She is the most authentic, unapologetically-her-own-kind-of person. She is an insatiable dreamer, a gypsy, a wanderer, and, yet, an anchor. She keeps all of our stories. She tells us our history. She knows where we all came from. She lights the way to where we are going. She is a DOER.

This woman is my mother. I am crying right now out of complete adoration and immense respect. The things this woman does move me. I know that goals and dreams are possible because she is alive and she lives the way she does.

Today my mother is signing up for classes. She decided 72 hours ago that she was not done learning. My mom doesn’t sleep on her dreams. She doesn’t wait for the right time, she does the right things. She is a force.

In previous years my mom has actualized the following goals she set for herself:

*Attended Dolphin School

*Was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

*Went to Mexico to meet and train with one of her favorite artists

*Networked with one of her favorite bands and opened the door to help create tour dates in our area

*Learned to drive cattle in Wyoming

*Completed Criminal Justice classes to work at the Police Department (because she loved the show Cops)

*Found her biological siblings

This woman is incredible. I watch her and she sets me on fire. We need women like this. We need to aspire to BE women like this. Can you imagine the revolution that would occur if every single woman owned her dreams?

What if we all just lived our potential and paved the way for the women behind us?! Does that thought not just turn your heart? What would that world look like?

I have epiphanies. I have those ah-ha moments that just put me right in my place and remind me what the actual point is. Sometimes these moments are profound and sometimes these moments are not even my own.

Sometimes these moments are texts from my mother telling me about her latest adventure. Y’all, I don’t know about you, but I am trying to live like Jennifer Snyder.

God did not create you with a cookie cutter personality and a bland, mediocre purpose. Listen to what the universe is telling your heart. Hush the naysayers and ignore the haters. Don’t worry about who agrees or understands. You can have a family AND a dream.

Proverbs 31:25
Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.

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