Nerf War

Yesterday we had a family outing to Raleigh to participate in a Nerf battle. I was less than excited. I was actually dreading this whole ordeal, but I am a mom and there are 100 things I would rather be doing on any given day that I have to tuck away in the mental folder called: Get Over Yourself, They Will Not Want to Hang With You One Day.

In my defense, my husband has become a compulsive Nerf collector and with two rowdy boys, well, you have to have two of everything. This compulsion has filled closets, 1/3 of our shed, two Nerf stands, and a portion of the floor under my husband’s side of the bed. My husband has started to build a Nerf gun arsenal “for the boys” in the backyard. He defines the word extra, y’all.

Not only is a sister drowning in Nerf guns and bullets, I am a moving target. Imagine preparing dinner, cleaning the house, reading a book, writing a blog, using the bathroom, walking to the back door, with bullets constantly flying at you. I think I may have PTSD. On Friday, my husband lit me up with one of those guns that shoot those hateful, stinging, yellow balls and the only thing I had to defend myself was the ice cream I was holding. I threw it at him and ran. Haha. No one won that battle. That ice cream was good. 🤦‍♀️

So, this event was painful to even think about. I imagined being knee deep in Nerf bullets and trudging through the summer heat to get away from 20 more children just like mine. I may or may not have even pouted about it. To my credit, I complained a lot less after my husband fed me.

Despite my winning attitude, we had a lot of fun. We pretended to be zombies, we shared our blasters, and we were the cool kids with the impressive arsenal. My husband and I teamed up and blasted our kids with Nerf bullets. This may sound awful, but for me, this was incredibly therapeutic. It was my justice against the little Nerf minions.

We laughed and were undead together and we got to REALLY play with the kids. We jump on the trampoline, we read, we bowl, we watch movies, we ride four wheelers, we go swimming, and we even go to laser tag. We do a lot of stuff, but I couldn’t remember the last time we really played pretend with them. It was a lot of fun.

We were sweaty and tired and finished the night with the best nachos and chocolate chip cookies ever (it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, duh). Even though my attitude and expectations were pretty atrocious, we made a lot of fun memories with our children.

It is easy for me to forget that I only get, but so much time with the kids. Every thing can change at the drop of a hat and they will grow up faster than we think. When people say the days are long, but the years are short, they were not joking.

I have come to a place in my life that has really made me objective about who I am and who I want to be as a parent. I’m certainly not there yet. I have tried to get rid of the question “Do I want to?” and replaced it with “Will I?”.

Psalm 128:3
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.

Willingness has afforded me so much change and growth in my personal life and I have begun to apply it to my family life. I am a willing participant in the wife, mother, and step-mom I want to be. I have epic plans for what I want to give my spouse and our children.

My statements have changed also. I don’t “have to”. I “get to”. Someone somewhere has prayed for exactly what I have. I HAVE PRAYED FOR EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE! I need to get real and get off my victim, pity pot, nonsense sometimes.

Being a crybaby has never gotten me anywhere and who am I kidding? This mama is a beast, a warrior, a victor, an overcomer, and a boss who GETS to do a lot of really cool things. I GET to clean the house we own, go to the job I have, cook dinner for my family, and shoot my kids with Nerf guns!

When I get my self out of the way, when I clear the way for my family, when I step out of my own ideas, amazing things happen. Heck, I even become a Mombie. 😉


Parents, stay tuned for future dates for Darts in the Park. These guys put on a very fun, organized event and we had a ball. We met some very kind people and our children made some new friends. I highly recommend this event.

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