Shamers and Haters

I have seen so much hate and parent-on-parent crime both online and within families lately. Cut it out! Pray for one another. Be humble enough to focus your beliefs and values on your own children and stay in your own lane. I do not have to agree with you to support you. Parenting is hard. Support each other!! If someone is a damaging, abusive, or toxic person to a child that is a separate issue. I’m talking PARENT shaming. People who are consistently trying, showing up, working hard, and loving unconditionally. THAT IS TOUGH!!! How would you feel if a stranger told you how to raise YOUR kid? How would you feel if a childless person compared their perfect, hypothetical child to your actual walking-talking-real-life child that you were raising every single day? How would you feel if you felt parent-shamed by your own family? How would you react to someone who belittled your parenting choices or judged you before even understanding your values? I have seen this happen to so many people I love. Heck, I am sure it has happened to me! So quit it! If you’re a real parent, you’re part of my tribe. You’re in my club. We are homies. I love you! I am praying for you! (Even if I don’t agree with you or parent the same way!!)

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