A Letter to My Groom on Our Anniversary

Dear Husband,

As we celebrate our anniversary, I reflect on the last year. This has been the hardest year we have ever faced as a couple. There were things that shattered our hearts and events that turned our world completely upside down. Outside forces tried ferociously to split us apart and divide our family. We faced challenges as a couple and looked really honestly at ourselves. It was hard. It was even brutal. It was humbling. I wasn’t sure some days if we would make it, but we did.

We not only made it, we made memories and stories and inside jokes. We teamed up, we worked together, and we problem solved. We belly laughed and played with the kids. We cheered them on even when we were completely heartbroken and exhausted. We almost lost each other along the way. We are in the last few hours of the hardest year we have endured together and I have never been more proud of us. We figured it out. We rolled up our sleeves and worked on it.

We decided that we were worth fighting for and this life we have created together was worth every drop of sweat. Oddly enough leaving this tough year is bittersweet to me. I’m so excited about the future and hopeful that the year to come will be easier, but I am also so in love with this clinging-to-each-other-for-dear-life version of us.

Part of my vows to you said:

At times, I am afraid of the unknown and you always soothe those fears because you make me feel safe. I know that no matter what we face, we will always be OK and we will always find a way together.

Thank you for proving me right. I love you and will continue to cling to you for dear life.

Always and all ways,
Your wife

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