The Bigger Picture

A few months ago, the kids were playing outside. My husband and I tell the little ones all the time to wear shoes outside, but they do not always keep their shoes on when they finally get out there. Oh, the struggles of owning a trampoline.

Robert and I often find random socks and shoes strewn through our yard like confetti, but this particular day didn’t leave abandoned footwear. It gave little Jaxon a splinter in his right foot. This was quite the ordeal.

Jaxon was complaining of pain in his foot as he limped inside. Robert took a closer look and confirmed the worst: Jaxon Dean Tucker Trembley in fact, had a splinter. Cue the violins. It became quite the family affair.

Carmen kneeled beside Jaxon on the couch. Ryder took his brother’s hand. Sadie held his legs still. I made him look at me and Robert was awarded the task of splinter removal. Robert had quite the arsenal of tools to use to remove the splinter.

Jaxon kept looking at the tweezers and the needle. That was all he could see. He was terrified, but the splinter had to come out.

We were not only concerned about his discomfort, we were worried about infection, inflammation, or any other kind of toxic reaction. The only concerns sweet Jaxon had were the tools needed to remove his splinter.

Jaxon hollered in fear, “Really, Dad? A needle?!”

At that point, he was more scared than in pain. He was very upset with all of us. All Jaxon could see in that moment was his fear. There was a much bigger picture and we were all doing our part to get him through it.

I look at the trials in my life. I notice the tough days and not where they are taking me. I see the removal of the splinter and cannot make out the healing or the relief. I am unable to detect what I am being saved from or where I am headed.

Isaiah 55:8
For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.

Some weeks feel like endless splinter removal. I stay so hyper-focused on what I can immediately see without even attempting to comprehend where the temporary discomfort may lead me. Honestly, I can do a lot more hollering than our six year old!

The bigger picture brings comfort. It brings realization and perspective. I don’t have to know what the bigger picture is. I only have to trust the One creating it.

Job 42:2
I know that You can do all things, And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.

Jaxon survived his terrifying splinter removal and has gone on to live out some of his greatest nerf war victories. He has even improved his already epic post-homework-silly-hat dances.

See, bigger picture. 😃

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