I feel like I have arrived, y’all. All of my favorite authors and bloggers talk about internet trolls tearing their work apart. Sometimes I even get to see it on social media. I got my first troll this morning!! Eeekkk!!!!

It may seem weird that this makes me happy, but I always get excited when anyone takes a moment to read my blog. I am also pumped that I am closer to the literary women I admire and envy. I unfortunately could not leave the comment as it named people and children and I felt that was a little much especially for this forum.

My life goals and your life goals may look vastly different. I want to write, to glorify God in my work, and to love my family. My work at home is the most important job I have. It always will be. This is where I find value.

Like many mothers, when I felt I was attacked or ridiculed, I would innately get defensive. I understand that gut-reaction.

That is not me anymore. The experience we just walked through together as a family, showed me that the people who matter, know how we live. We were fortunate that all of the other people involved knew too.

Sometimes people just don’t know the facts or weren’t present for the real story. That is ok. Sometimes the truth would not really change any perceptions anyway. The only truth I aim to reveal is how good GOD is and how being faithful to Him has blessed my family. I also share about what I am learning through God’s lessons and timing. Being open to His will and His lessons have given my family a mountain of treasures.

My only goal here on this blog is to make a testimony of my tests. I want to make a message of my messes. I want to shamelessly reveal and praise God in anything I write. Because I’m a perfect Christian? No. Because God is so perfect and so good ALL THE TIME.

If anything I post convicts your heart, good. It has also convicted mine. I will never post things that call people by name or shed a great deal of light on specific details that may negatively impact others, most importantly, our children.

What I have done and always will do is speak my truth and glorify my God. If it makes you uncomfortable that was not my intention, but I am forever grateful for the power of choice when it comes to what I read.

To my troll, thank you! I know that may not seem sincere, but it really is. I feel like one day when I am celebrating my 5th published novel (again those are MY life goals), I can look over at all of my girl-crush authors and talk about how I can relate to their struggle with internet trolls and critics. I feel very big league right now.

I also want you to know that I wholeheartedly, really, truly, honestly pray that God gives you your own silver linings in the midst of your current heartbreak. His will be done. Your story is not over. God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Trolls

  1. Laura Clark says:

    You are an incredible writer! I enjoy your blogs and find myself smiling and nodding as I identify with your profound insights. Thank you for conveying authenticity and warmness too. That’s not an easy task. You build a connection of the positivity within me, which I understand is the Holy Spirit, working through you. Amazing work lady, keep it up!!!

    • hotmessmama2017 says:

      Thank you very much for that!! I am forever grateful for what I was so freely given and the love of Christ that I was shown by wonderful women like you!! I carry all of your faces and all of your guidance with me every day. 😍

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