The Mechanic Analogy

At 2 a.m. this morning, I heard the shuffle of little feet. I wake up before the rest of the house and usually this makes me pretty grumpy. There was six year old Jaxon standing by the bed.

“I am scared,” he whined. I threw open the blanket and invited him to lay in bed with us. This child has the Trembley-Sleep-Dancing gene and has been tap dancing on my spine for the last 3 hours.

I know when he wakes up, feeling safe and warm, he will be thrilled to know that the tooth fairy came! I see all of these moments over the last few days and I am filled with immense gratitude. We missed some holidays, but we are here for the tough times and the exciting milestones. He is home. The pain is over.

God’s timing is always perfect. I love to take control or manipulate a situation in order to speed up that timing. It usually doesn’t go well. Ask around.

Someone once asked me if I watched the mechanic when I took my vehicle in for repairs. I shook my head and was a bit confused. They went on to ask if I breathed down their neck and asked what they were doing while they worked on my car. Ok, ok, they got me.

When I try to take back control of situations given to God and truly controlled by God, it is like hassling my mechanic as he is working on my vehicle. I may as well camp out at the shop to make sure I don’t miss any updates or explanations of the process.

I look at sweet Jaxon Dean. I am blown away at just how much we have accomplished for him. I relax knowing how safe he is now.

God’s timing is perfect. Even at 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

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