God is Good at Coaching

All of our children are talented in different ways. They blow us away with their individual gifts. Our oldest, Carmen, is a gifted singer. Sadie, our younger daughter, is an amazing gymnast. Jax, our oldest boy, is a natural athlete. The yougest, Ryder, always impresses us with his ability to care about others. He is so considerate and aware of people’s feelings. It is unreal how well this 4 year old can read all kinds of people. He is the most talented friend in our home. 🙂

Part of his gift falls into this darker area of not wanting to disappoint. This is the area that breaks my heart as a Mommy. I see him try new things and if he doesn’t get it right initially he is hard on himself or gives up. This makes things really tough in baseball scenarios where his brother and teammate just gets it right away.

I have never been more proud of my son. He kept with it. Yesterday was the first practice of baseball! No more T-Ball!! I was so nervous for him knowing the defeat he feels when he isn’t perfect. The good Lord knows every family member has told him he did well and that perfection is not expected nor is it attainable. It’s just a Ryder thing. (Could be genetic…sorry Bud!)

Little Ryder McNugget (as we call him) kept trying. He hit the ball! He even told the Coach how he needed the pitch to be. Ha! I was incredibly impressed by his attitude and his commitment.

Some people struggle when blending families. We have our own difficulties at times, but it is moments like these that show me how much the kids compliment and impact one another. The boys bring out the playful side of Carmen. Carmen brings out the hardworking side of her siblings. She shows them how to value responsibility.

Ryder brings out the lighthearted and loving side of Jax. Jax has shown him how to be brave and how to keep trying. Sadie has shown her siblings how to forgive. She can be spitting mad at her sister, but the minute Carmen needs an audience to sing to or something to drink Sadie is the first one to volunteer.

A lot of days I wonder how to make them all see that they are loved and cared for. I want them to realize that any sacrifices we make as parents are never done in vain. It is part of being a team. I worry I didn’t talk enough or play enough or that I don’t know how to fix their hurts. What if they didn’t get enough one-on-one time?!

Yesterday’s practice calmed a lot of fears and insecurities I have as a mom. I may second guess myself or my choices. I may not do it all perfectly, but I see these kids and their amazing traits and gifts bringing out the best in each other. It brings my heart so much peace and so much joy.

There is no way that I could’ve taught Ryder the maturity he showed yesterday on my own. He has a great dad and a loving step-dad. The three of us are a hands-on team. Ryder’s siblings have added so much to that team and I’m constantly in awe of God’s grand design!

He knew what we all needed and his little vessels are hard at work.

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times

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