Just a Moment

My precious children have a way of flooding me with “Hey look at this!” or requests while I’m in the middle of something. It never fails. If I am cooking dinner, listening to my GPS, on the phone or trying to book a honeymoon flight, that’s when they’re ready to talk or show me their newest gymnastics move.

I have to say, “Just a moment, sweetie” or “Can I use my brain for just a moment?” They have to wait on me to take something off the stove or finish a conversation to get my full attention. Otherwise they get the famous parent “Uh-huh” or “Cool.”

Sometimes they are so excited or their need is so urgent, waiting on my full attention just isn’t an option. I’ll admit sometimes I get flustered by it. Dinner doesn’t turn out just right, I have to leave the room to finish a financial task, or I have to call people back. God is far more capable of multi-tasking. THANK GOODNESS!

Psalm 145:18-19

 Jehovah is near to all those calling on him, To all who call on him in truth. He satisfies the desire of those who fear him; He hears their cry for help, and he rescues them.

God hears prayers of “Hey look at this!” and unending requests from every nation. Can you picture it? It’s a wonder He gets it all done and in His perfect time. We may have to wait on His timing, but we always have His full attention.

Psalm 65:2

O you who hear prayer, to you shall all flesh come.

Every hurting heart, every desperate plea, every confession, every praise is heard by God. You’re not a distraction. You’re not asked to wait your turn. You can go to God anytime. You always have His attention and He is ready to listen. Feel assured, when you are praying and talking to God, He is not only hearing, He is listening.

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