The Favorite and the Forgotten

Twice in the last 7 days, I have fallen asleep without remembering falling asleep. This may sound pretty small, but most everything in my life is pretty planned out and routine. There was no forethought, I just crashed. I guess I just had a few days of running on empty. I don't want this to … Continue reading The Favorite and the Forgotten


Boo Boos

I have not always lived the life I have now. The best way for me to explain it is that I have been fortunate enough to live two lives. It may seem odd to some people for me to have gratitude for the first life I lived, but that life gave me my unwavering belief … Continue reading Boo Boos

The Bullet

I once knew an old man named Johnny. Johnny was a product of the older, tougher generation. In his days there wasn't television or tablets or video games to entertain you, so you had to find your own adventures to occupy your time. I guess you could say he was pretty creative. Now Johnny had … Continue reading The Bullet